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Web Development with Angular and Bootstrap - Third Edition

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  • Develop Angular 6 single page applications using an ecosystem of helper tools
  • Get familiar with Bootstrap’s new grid and helper classes
  • Embrace TypeScript and ECMAScript 2017 to write more maintainable code
  • Use custom directives for Bootstrap 4 with the ng2-bootstrap library
  • Understand the component-oriented structure of Angular 6 and its Router
  • Make use of the built-in HTTP library to work with API endpoints
  • Use Observables and Streams to manage the app’s data and state
  • Combine Angular 6 and Bootstrap 4 along with Firebase in the development of a solid example

Two of the most popular frontend frameworks, Angular and Bootstrap, have undergone a major overhaul to embrace emerging web technologies so that developers can build cutting-edge web applications. If you're ready to progress your web development skills past HTML and CSS, this book will give you everything you need to build your own web app.

Inside this title you'll dive, fingers first, into the basics of both the tools, and once you're familiar with them, you'll move onto Bootstrap's new grid system and Angular's built-in directives. You'll then learn how to format output using Angular's pipes and how to make use of the built-in router to set up routes for all your components.

Webpack will be your buddy to wrap up your project. Then, after throwing in some SASS to make things pretty, you'll learn how to validate the forms you've built and debug your application. Finally, you'll go on to learn how to obtain smooth transitioning from Bootstrap to Angular and then how to hook up with a server and use Firebase as the persistence layer. Throughout the book we'll take a look at potential stumbling blocks and will give you tips to avoid them.

Once you're done with this book, you'll not only have a stunning e-commerce application running, but you'll also take with you the confidence to innovate and build your own applications with ease.

  • Updated for the latest releases of Angular and Bootstrap, this book shows you how to build cutting-edge web applications
  • Build, develop, and customize dynamic single page applications with responsive user interfaces
  • Learn the new features from TypeScript and ECMAScript to write robust and maintainable code
Page Count 515
Course Length 15 hours 27 minutes
Date Of Publication 29 Jun 2019


Aki Iskandar

Aki Iskandar is an Entrepreneur and software architect with over two decades of programming experience. He has worked as a consultant for Microsoft, Compuware, Progressive Insurance, Allstate Insurance, KeyBank, Ernst & Young, and Charles Schwab, to name a few. His last full time job, before leaving the corporate world in 2011, was at PNC (the 5th largest bank in the USA) where he served as an Enterprise Architect on their Enterprise Architecture team. During that time, he served as a core member on PNC’s Architecture Review Board - which was responsible for creating reference architectures, reviewing the architectural diagrams for IT projects that were in the tens of millions of dollars in size, and establishing IT Governance for the corporation.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio (USA), Aki now lives in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), where he owns and manages two small companies - one that produces software, and another that provides programming services. He is the founder of VIZCARO.com - an online motivational service that helps thousands of people, and maintains a blog focusing on Angular and related technologies.

For fun and relaxation, Aki loves to play guitar and ski - though not at the same time anymore since it didn’t work out for too well for him a few Christmases ago. For cerebral engagement and pleasure, he enjoys trying to figure out how magic tricks and illusions performed by his favorite magicians and illusionists were done - and also spends considerable time studying and thinking about artificial intelligence.