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Building Web Applications with TypeScript, Angular and React [eLearning]

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  • Understand and implement TypeScript benefits
  • Build complete projects for start-ups and enterprise developers
  • Build a complete single page application with TypeScript
  • Create a note-taking app with Angular
  • Build a real-time chat application with React
  • Use type guards, create tagged union types, and compare the performance of algorithms

TypeScript offers a sliding scale of how much or how little effort you want to put into your declarations: the more effort you put in, the more type safety and code intelligence you get. You will begin this course by learning the fundamentals of TypeScript and eventually move toward advanced concepts. You'll learn how TypeScript relates to JavaScript that you might have written before. You'll understand the benefits of TypeScript and how helps you to avoid software defects. We will learn to use type guards, check null and undefined, create tagged union types, and compare the performance of algorithms. You'll use TypeScript to build a weather forecast widget with Angular, and then build a note-taking client/server application using Angular, Node.js, and MongoDB. Finally, you will create a real-time chat application with React.

  • Explains TypeScript fundamentals in detail
  • Includes interesting projects, such as creating a weather forecast widget with Angular 4
  • Paves an easy-to-follow path for navigating through all concepts
Course Length 3 hours 53 minutes
Date Of Publication 25 Sep 2018


Ivo Gabe de Wolff

Ivo Gabe de Wolff has been a freelance developer under the name of ivogabe since 2012 and he is studying mathematics and computing sciences at Utrecht University. When he was eleven, he started programming in Game Maker. Currently, he uses TypeScript on a daily basis. Recently, he has used TypeScript in lots of different environments, including mobile apps, servers, and command-line tools. Now he mainly specializes in NodeJS programming.

Furthermore, he is the author of various open source projects, including gulp-typescript. You can find his projects on github.com/ivogabe. If you want to read more about TypeScript, JavaScript, gulp, or Functional Programming, you can take a look at his blog at dev.ivogabe.com.

Sahil Malik

Sahil Malik has been a Microsoft MVP and INETA Speaker for the past 8 years, author and reviewer of many books and numerous articles in both the .NET and SharePoint space, consultant and trainer who delivers training and talks at conferences internationally. Sahil has trained for the best names in the Microsoft technology space and has architected and delivered SharePoint based solutions for extremely high profile clients.

Gabriel Isenberg

Gabriel Isenberg has over 15 years of experience in building web applications at scale. Currently, he is a principal development lead at GoDaddy, where he is delivering the next generation of user experiences utilizing React, React Native, and Node.js. Previously, he worked as a consultant, helping Fortune 500 companies convert large JavaScript codebases over to TypeScript. Additionally, he participates in the development of the JavaScript language standard via Ecma International Technical Committee 39. You can follow him on Twitter at @the_gisenberg (https://twitter.com/the_gisenberg).