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Ethereum Programming Update

What is the difference between functional and object oriented programming?

Functional and object oriented programming are vastly different, but equally useful. Which is better for you?

Deep learning wars: Is Facebook backed PyTorch an answer to Google's TensorFlow?

What's the better deep learning framework? Will TensorFlow hold its position against the emergence of PyTorch?

6 reasons why Google open sourced TensorFlow

Why did Google open source TensorFlow? And what does it mean for software engineers and data analysts?

The biggest cloud adoption challenges

Thinking of transitioning to cloud? Here are some challenges you will need to overcome

Will data scientists become victims of automation?

Automation is a threat to many jobs, but where does data science stand in all this?

Is data science getting easier?

Whether you're a practical data scientist, an academic or a researcher, data science is ever changing. What's the weather looking like at your end?

"Keras has the right combination of simplicity and power:" An interview with Sujit Pal

Sujit Pal, Technology Research Director, Elsevier Labs, and Packt author, explains why Keras is his framework of choice for Deep Learning.

Why MXNet is a versatile deep learning framework

Find out how MXNet might change the we build deep learning systems.

TensorFire brings deep learning neural nets to the browser

Find out how TensorFire is bringing deep learning to the browser.

"Machine Learning can be useful in almost every problem domain:" An interview with Sebastian Raschka

We spoke to Python Machine Learning author about the new edition of his book and the state of data science in 2017.

How to take a business-centric approach to security

Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle. Is it time to leave behind traditonal practices and adopt a more proactive, offensive approach to security?

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