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What is a full-stack developer?

Find out what jobs a full stack developer does and what skills are essential.

The future of Python: 3 experts' views

3 programming experts predict what Python will be like in the future

4 insights from the Stack Overflow survey that might surprise you

4 things we found in the Stack Overflow survey that you might have missed

10 predictable findings from Stack Overflow's 2018 survey

Here's what any developer could have predicted from StackOverflow's 2018 survey.

Should you move to Python 3? 7 Python Experts' opinions

What are the advantages of adopting Python 3?

‘If tech is building the future, let's make that future inclusive and representative of all of society’ – An interview with Charlotte Jee

We spoke to TechWorld editor Charlotte Jee about making tech a better place for women.

What is ASP.NET Core?

Find out what's new in ASP.NET Core 2.0 - and why web developers should learn it.

The pets and cattle analogy demonstrates how serverless fits into the software infrastructure landscape

Find out why serverless is so popular - the pets and cattle analogy might just shed some light on the issue.

Stack Wars: The epic struggle for control of the tech stack

There's a battle for the stack. Open source was our new hope - but the empire will always strike back.

The great unbundling of the tech stack and developer learning

The tech stack is changing. And with it, so is developer learning.

Courses Week - Discover Packt's New Live and On Demand Products

Learn the latest tech with Packt courses. Get to know them here.

"Technology opens up so many doors" - An Interview with Sharon Kaur from School of Code

Read our interview with School of Code bootcamper Sharon Kaur, where she discusses the initiative and tech in 2018.

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