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The top 10 deep learning frameworks

Find out what the best deep learning frameworks are and how they're helping to push data science forward.

Google Distill: Everything data pros need to know

There's plenty of information out there for machine learning, but is Google Distill your key to gaining knowledge in the most accessible way?

Dispelling the myths of hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud has many myths surrounding its price, management and overkill of tools, but are they true or false?

What are Edge Analytics?

Find out the benefits of edge analytics and what the future holds for security in IoT.

5 habits of successful developers

The number of people with developer skill sets is predicted to increase by 45% within 2 years. Start curating successful habits now so you’ll stand out from the crowd later.

What is a progressive web app?

You've probably heard plenty of buzz about something called progressive web apps over the past couple of years – let’s dive into what they are, some characteristics of one, and how progressive web apps affect you as a developer.

Android O: What's new and why it's been introduced

Find out what's new in the O version of Android.

What is JAMstack and why should I care?

Find out the best practices of using JAMStack and why you, as a developer, should consider using it.

WebGL 2.0: What you need to know

Find out what's new in the latest update of WebGL, and why Google and Mozilla have enabled this bleeding edge technology.

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Starting Out in Web Dev

Experienced web developers reveal what’s needed to get ahead of the curve – and stay there!

What is Blockchain?

Find out exactly what blockchain is, and discover how it's already disrupting everything from voting to academia.

4 Gaming innovations that are impacting all of tech

There's a tech revolution going on in game dev - and it's shaking the whole tech industry.

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